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Personal Care Items - Sizzlin' Baths
 Mama's line of personal care products, developed and made right here at Dream Weaver's Cabin, reflect our interest in the healing arts.  We focus especially on the restorative properties of herbs and essential oils.  We hope you'll find them as beneficial as we do.
  •   For the Bath                 
  • Mama's Fizzle Bath Known  by bath lovers near and far, our best selling bath product fizzles on contact with your bath water.  Refreshing aromas of lavender, patchouli and rose will elevate your bathing experience to new heights of enjoyment.  The unique jar - it comes with its own wooden spoon! - makes it an exceptionally nice gift.  Makes 12 baths. $12.95

    Order code: PCP-MFB

    Mama's Soul Salts This woodsy blend, in a base of mineral sea salt, will surely touch your soul.  Just light a candle and let yourself drift deep into the enchanted forest of your imagination.  Makes 8 baths. $7.50

    Order code: PCP-MSS

    Mama's  Bath
    Many customers buy our Bath Grains because it looks so pretty in its elegantly curved bottle. Although you too may be tempted to use it to decorate your bathroom, please also enjoy it in your bath.  Refills are available!  Just fill the little cloth pouch that comes with the bottle with the grains and herbs, tie it to the bathtub's faucet and let the water flow through the bag as you fill your tub.  Then climb in and let this carefully selected blend work to soften your skin.  Makes 5 baths. $6.25
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    Refills: $4.50
    Order code: PCP-RMBG

    Mama's Bath Bombs Enjoy a luxurious bath with these dissolving "bombs" made with olive oil, natural skin-softening ingredients and our special blend of essential oils.  Kiss dry skin good-bye and let the emollient properties in this bath blend leave you feeling nourished, replenished, soft and supple.  Each container holds 2 bombs; use 1 bomb per bath. $2.00

    Order code: PCP-MBB

    Mama's Mellow Out Bath Going through the ritual of preparing this bath is therapeutic in itself!  (Instructions included.)  Once this decoctions is in your bath, you can use the herb pouch as an herbal washcloth.  Chamomile, linden flowers, roses, yarrow, and raspberry leaves.  Makes 5 baths. $4.25

    Order code: PCP-MOB

    Mama's Lavender Bath This bath is prepared in the same manner as our Mellow Out Bath.  This calming combination of herbs cleans your skin and stimulates your circulation.  The aroma - from lavender, rosemary, roses and calendula - is heavenly.  Makes 5 baths. $4.25

    Order code: PCP-MLB

    Mama's Splish Splash Stay shower fresh with Mama's Splish Splash, Splash some on after your bath or shower, or any time of day your spirits need an uplift.  Keep a bottle in your desk or car to share with friends. $7.50

    Order code: PCP-MSS

  • For Relaxation and Relief              

    Mama's Dream Pillows  Mugwort, lavender, chamomile and roses: let this soothing blend help you get a restful sleep.  Just slide this little dream pillow into your pillow case and let the aromas relax you and carry you off into sweet dreams. $2.95

    Order code: PCP-MDP

    Eye Pillows  Tired?  Stressed Out?  Just lay back with our eye pillow - filled with flax seed and lavender flowers - for 5 minutes and see how refreshed you feel.  Helpful, too, for sinus headaches. $10.00

    Order code: PCP-MEP

    Sandhills Back Scratcher  Like many boys here in the rural Nebraska, the Barrett boys have learned to handle a knife by whittling.  The result:  The Sandhills Back Scratcher!  From a bountiful supply of cedar trees and corn, Luke and Jake have put together a very effective, unique way of scratching that hard to reach itch! $1.75

    Order code: PCP-MBS

  • For Health                    

    Mama's Salve  A must for every First Aid Kit.  Made from herbs out of the Cabin's medicinal garden as well as native plants, this salve works wonders on any kind of cut or skin abrasion.  Use it to treat burns and diaper rash as well. $3.95

    Order code: PCP-MS

    Mama's Pain
    Pullin' Bags
    Now, these tube-shaped bags are handy.  Just heat in a low oven or microwave, place on sore muscles, and feel the aromatic heat penetrate deep within, pulling out the pain.  Can be reheated and used again and again.  Also, freeze the bags and use them as a cold pack.  Filled with clean organic grains and our special blend of herbs. $10.00

    Order code: PCP-PPB

    Mama's After
    Sun Oil
    Use to rejuvenate your skin after exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays.  Simply shake well and mist where needed.  DO NOT APPLY BEFORE GOING INTO THE SUN. $5.95

    Order code: PCP-ASO

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