Dream  Weaver's Cabin

Dream Weaver's Cabin is pleased to offer our own "Mama's" Teas developed for you at the cabin.  Enjoy also some unique blends from the Republic of Tea company, a well known purveyor of quality teas.
Herbal Teas & Vinegars
Everyday Tea

Order: CBT-MT

Ingredients:  raspberry leaf, organic oatstraw, nettles, hawthorn berry, organic orange peel, spearmint and lemon grass.  One bag yields about 40 cups of tea.

Nutritious and tasty hot or cold.  A good source of calcium, iron, trace minerals and Vitamin C, making it a very female friendly tea.  Hawthorn berry is a good heart herb and oatstraw has been know to help stimulate the memory function of the brain.

Mama's Jasmine
Order: CBT-MJB
Ingredients: gotu kola, jasmine green tea, red clover and lemon grass.  One bag yields about 40 cups of tea.

Gotu Kola is well known for aiding mental alertness and promoting a good energy level; green tea has numerous health benefits, including nourishing the immune system; red clover is said to cleanse the blood; and lemongrass marries the herbs for full flavor.

Snuggle Tea

Order: CBT-MST

Ingredients:  mullein, slippery elm bark, organic orange peel, wild cherry bark, licorice root, lemongrass, organic rosehips, peppermint, cinnamon and ginger.  One bag hields about 50 cups of tea.

Everyone likes to snuggle up to something warm when they are sick.  Make this tea your snuggling companion the next time you have a cold or the flu.  The licorice root is a natural sweetener but feel free to add some honey or fresh lemon to suit your taste.


Rare White Tea from China 
Once reserved for Emperors and dignitaries, China's magnificent and rare White Tea is said to reward sippers with a healthier, longer life.  Dream Weaver's Cabin is pleased to offer the following White Tea blends from The Republic of Tea.
Orange Blossom
White Tea


Ingredients:  White tea buds, orange blossoms. 50 bags per tin.

Highly scented orange blossoms--the Flower of Love--impart an invigorating citrus note to this White Tea blend, creating the ultimate cup.

Pineapple Guava 
White Tea


Ingredients:  white tea buds, pineapple, guava.    50 bags per tin

The exotic pineapple and guava fruits blend wonderfully with the subtle profile of the White Tea to create a perfect cup of hospitality.


Red Tea - The Wonder Herb of South Africa
Health-conscious sippers will rejoice in the rich antioxidant properties of this all-natural pure mountain brew--from the tip of Africa
Safari Sunset

Order:  ROT-SSRT

Ingredients:  Rooibos, cinnamon, orange, cloves, & lemon

The deep, complex character of Rooibos, a powerful herb, is the perfect balance to these stimulating flavors

Capetown Harvest

Order:  ROT-CHRT

Ingredients:  Rooibos, passion fruit, mango, sunflowers, rose petals, strawberries, hibiscus, grapefruit

This tart-sweet combination brews into a beautiful and refreshing iced tea.

Recipe:  Simple Berry Vinaigrette

    1/2 cup berry vinegar
    1  Tablespoon of honey, or to taste
    1 tsp. Dijon mustard
    1-1/3 cups of lightly flavored oil, such as  sunflower

Whisk the first 3 ingredients together in a small bowl.  Taste and adjust with honey and/or mustard.  Pour into a pint jar.  Add oil, screw on lid and shake to blend.  Makes 2 cups.  Store in refrigerator.
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