Dream  Weaver's Cabin

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Mist & Stone - Celtic Celtic tunes from Ireland, Scotland, the Isle of Man, and Galicia performed by Maggie Sancsone on hammered dulcimer with other traditional instruments.  Features a variety of textures and moods, at times evocative and haunting, exploring the rich and varied kingdoms of an ancient past. $14.95

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Peace & Power - Native American A retrospective of Native American music's most exalted female artist. Joanne Shenandoah.  Peace and Power showcases Shenandoah's lush singing against warm acoustic instrumentation, which includes guitar, percussion, Native American flute and keyboards. $16.95

Order Code:  CD-PP

In the Land of Dreams - Native American Drawing upon inspiration from the Desert Southwest, Pacific Northwest, Central Plains and Eastsern Woodlands, John Huling uses Native American flute music, gentle drums and the sounds of Nature to take the listener on a meditative inner journey for the spirit. $15.95

Order Code:  CD-ILD

A Sacred Gift - Christmas Contemporary Native American pop/folk singer Bill Miller presents a collection of Christmas standards and original pieces with a Southwestern flair. $16.95

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Ancient Noels - Christmas This collection showcases the hammered dulcimer virtuosity of Maggie Sansone and the medieval and celtic magic of Ensemble Galilei.  Spirited jigs join haunting plainchants, medieval hymns and dancing carols evoke ancient images of the Spirit of Christmas. $14.95

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TeaMind Music East meets West in an inspiring compilation of musical flavors.  Lush bamboo forests and ancient landscapes come to life as you listen to its imaginative melodies $12.95

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