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From the Weaving Studio - the Weaver's statement
Hello. My name is Jo Barrett. Welcome to Dream Weaver's Cabin Web site.

Dream Weaver's Cabin is a home-based, family-run business that sells a variety of traditional weaving items for the home, as well as an herbal line of products developed on site.  We are located near Burwell, Nebraska, on the edge of the Nebraska Sandhills.


My call to become a weaver came to me through my dreams, hence the name
                        "Dream Weaver's Cabin."

I first learned the basics of rag rug weaving in 1988 from my friend, Chris Gustin, a noted weaver from Southern Indiana.  In 1993, at the Sievers School of Fiber Arts on Washington Island, Wisconsin, I became familiar with working with yarn. Offering shawls and scarves with my line of rag weavings has been an addition welcomed by my customers, and soon I hope to develop my own line of woven garments.

I also enjoy learning about the weaving traditions of other cultures. In 1999 I enrolled in a class on Navaho weaving offered by the Taos Art School and in 2002, while on a mission trip to Ghana, West Africa, I was able to visit the Kente Weaving village of Keptoe. To my good fortune, I was given a brief lesson and I found myself purchasing a Kente loom with all the accessories.

I see weaving as an unspoken language that helps me to connect not only to other weavers, but also with their culture and traditions. I've learned to see the commonalities between cultures and to appreciate and respect the differences. Studying cultural weaving has also helped me to develop my craft and add diversity to the styles I can offer to you, my customers.

Through the years I have been involved with many weaving guilds, which I find both fun and educational. I especially appreciate the challenge and discipline it takes to learn a new technique. In addition, I occasionally teach adult education classes on weaving and on herbs through Northeast Community College in North Central Nebraska, and offer a 5-day weaving course.

My interest in the wonderful world of plants dates to my childhood. As a young girl growing up in Northern Illinois, I naturally gravitated to the woods. In Nature's playground I filled my days with exploration and pleasure, often returning home with a special plant or flower to show my mother.

Upon graduating from high school, I enrolled in floral design school in Chicago. Working in floral shops gave me the needed skills to eventually open my own home-based floral business in Southern Wisconsin. Eventually, my interests shifted toward wildflowers and herbs. I started incorporating herbs into my daily life. After taking my first "herb bath" in 1978, I was hooked.

Since then, I have been studying herbs for culinary use, hydrotherapy and medicinal purposes. I have taken many workshops and classes from an array of herbalists. Growing the plants and "wildcrafting" (the responsible harvest of wild plants), are also key parts of the educational process. I have to say, though, that my best school for learning and experiencing the healing and healthful properties of herbs comes from the needs that arise from raising four sons!
     Garden Pond
I feel pleased and honored to be able to incorporate herbs into my business.
Currently I offer my own tea blends, a healing salve, herb vinegars, a variety of bath products and well as herbal wreaths, sweetgrass braids and smudge sticks.

Life's everyday needs offer many opportunities for researching and developing new herbal products. As with the weaving, the possibilities are nearly endless. Each year I like to study a new herb or plant, fostering an appreciation of the gifts of Nature.

As you can tell, all of the products offered by Dream Weaver's Cabin are labors of love and joy for me.  Thank you for your interest in Dream Weaver's Cabin!


Jo Barrett

To Order, call toll-free 1-866-352-2988
Locally in Nebraska, call 308-346-4383